Why Kissing Totally Rocks

Here’s great reasons to spend more time glued to your lover’s lips!

1.Our lips are packed with nerve endings, so much so that a gentle brush across yours will light up an area in your brain larger than is stimulated by a similar touch in between your legs.

2. Adrenalin is released as you kiss and your body gets busy sending out white blood cells, boosting your natural immunity to disease. Neuro-transmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine are released and attach to the pleasure receptors in your brain, giving you that natural feeling of euphoria and giddiness we associate with being in love.

3. When you mingle your lips and tongue with someone else’s, the insides of your mouth produce oxytocin, another chemical that’s responsible for that feeling of elation, which is also addictive.

Image(s): Soubrette (iStockphoto)

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