Boudoir Photography: An Unforgettable Wedding Gift

Treating yourself to a boudoir session is one of the best ways to celebrate that fabulous body of yours. While some women book these types of photo shoots and keep the images for their eyes only, others gift their fiance(e)s with the stunning results. Talk about an unforgettable wedding gift!

Here, photographer Scarlet O’Neill answers your burning questions about boudoir shoots.

Why has boudoir photography become so popular?
As women, we spend endless amounts of time and money pampering ourselves with beauty products and services, clothing, accessories, fitness and even plastic surgery to make ourselves feel beautiful. Investing in portraiture of ourselves lets us capture and document our beauty to treasure for a lifetime.

Why do you love shooting boudoir sessions?
I am endlessly inspired by the power and beauty of women. It’s all about flattering your best features to show you how beautiful you are. It’s about paying tribute to and honoring women’s beauty. It’s very empowering.


What if some women are a little shy about posing in the buff?
Sexy isn’t always about how much you show, it’s how you show it!

Do boudoir shots make fabulous wedding or anniversary gifts?
They make very romantic gifts that a significant other will cherish for a lifetime. But you have to do it for yourself first. It shows if you’re aren’t 100% comfortable.


How should women prepare for a boudoir session?
Drink lots of water the day before. Exfoliate and moisturize and be sure to shave, wax and pluck–and not just your legs! Don’t wear jeans, a tight-fitting bra or socks on the day of your shoot–they’ll leave marks on your body.

What should women bring to a boudoir shoot?
A variety of lingerie, including camisoles, garters, corsets and vintage nightgowns. And don’t forget the power of being playful. Sometimes a tight T-shirt and boy briefs can be perfect! If you’re thinking of sharing your photos with your partner, bring a piece of his favorite apparel, like a shirt and tie or a sports jersey–he’ll love it!


Where are the best places to shoot a boudoir session?
Almost anywhere! Your home, a hotel room, a field or apple orchard. Or you can come up with your own idea of where to shoot.

Check out photographer Scarlet O’Neill’s blog for more gorgeous boudoir inspiration.

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