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What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Babies are unpredictable, not to mention messy. Be prepared for anything with a fully-stocked diaper bag.

– Diapers. We love these stylish carrying cases that hold a few diapers and wipes, which is all you’ll need when you’re out. They keep diapers contained in your diaper bag for easy access, and you can even pop one into your purse if you’re just doing a quick outing and don’t need the whole arsenal of baby diapering gear.

– Wipes.

– Diaper cream.

– Small plastic bags. For those times when you’ve got a poopy diaper on your hands and there’s not a garbage can in sight.

– Backup pacifiers. If you baby takes a soother, you don’t want to leave home without a couple extras; they’re particularly helpful if you’re driving and your baby spits out the pacifier he had in his mouth when you left the house.

– Extra clothes. Remember to update the spare outfit as your child grows; a 0-3 month back-up outfit will be useless to your 9 month old who spit up all over herself. Make sure your spare outfits are seasonably appropriate.

– Hand sanitizer.

– Toys for baby.

– Travel diaper pad.

– Bottles of breast milk/formula, or snacks and sippy cup with water or milk once your baby is older. It’s especially important to keep baby hydrated on the go in warm temperatures. Invest in a small soft-sided cooler to safely transport breast milk, formula or cow’s milk, depending on your baby’s feeding needs.

– Nursing cover (for those who are breastfeeding).

– Compact blanket. A small, lightweight blanket will keep baby warm if the weather turns, and it’s also great if you go to a baby-and-mom event, such a story time, and you want to lay your baby on the floor.

– Sunscreen and hat.

– Water for mom. It’s important for mom to stay hydrated, especially if you’re nursing.

See why it’s important to have a diaper bag with lots of pockets?!

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