pregnancy by week

Week 38


Baby is waiting for the right moment to… head out (get it?). Could be any time now.


Got some low-impact chores to do? Address envelopes for birth announcements, write thank-you cards for baby gifts, update your baby registry…


Keep Calm and Carry On. Learn all about labor so you’ll recognize it when you see it and know what to do. If it seems like labor has started (mom will probably be able to tell), don’t panic; unless you suspect a medical emergency, just stick with the plan. You got this.


It’s basically a waiting game now. Your bags should be packed and waiting by the door (even if you’re planning a home birth — just in case). Spend some quality time together; soon it will be hard to do. Learn as much as you can about baby care (especially breastfeeding and caring for a newborn). Bookmark your favorite websites in LINKS; check the RESOURCES tab for our top picks.