pregnancy by week

Week 32


It’s getting pretty cramped in the womb. As of this week, baby would likely be OK if born prematurely, and, in fact, is heading for the exit (settling into the head-down birth position, that is… hopefully!). Ideally, it’ll take 7 or 8 weeks to get there!


It’s almost impossible to be fully prepared for life with your first newborn baby. Learn as much as you can anyway, and expect the unexpected. If people offer to help, accept; keep a list of names and phone numbers in a shared JOURNAL so your partner has them too.


Have you arranged to take time off work immediately after baby’s arrival? The first couple of weeks are challenging, even if mom has no complications (such as postpartum depression or recovering from a Cesarean a.k.a. major surgery). She’s gonna need you, big time.


With baby’s arrival will come gifts, so tell people about your registry. It may need to be updated; don’t include too much snazzy but ultimately useless stuff. Ask other new parents what gadgets and supplies they find indispensable; you may be surprised!