pregnancy by week

Week 31


Baby is still growing like crazy (so what else is new?), mostly plumping up. The senses are working and the brain is developing rapidly.


Almost seven months down, only two to go! If you’re starting to find pregnancy pretty tedious at this point, remember that hearing about every detail may become tedious for your partner. Find other things to talk about, and commiserate about symptoms with other moms-to-be instead.


Achy, swollen, tired, and generally uncomfortable — not to mention sick of wearing the same clothes over and over — has mom had enough of this yet? Help to keep her spirits up by… well, being awesome.


Here’s something your parents never had to talk about: whether or not to donate (or bank) the cord blood. Discuss it with your practitioner. Speaking of your parents: they are part of baby’s family. Keep the communication open about whether, when, or how they can help, visit, and so on.