pregnancy by week

Week 18


Baby is busting a move! Kicking, rolling, stretching, punching, flexing, twisting, yawning, sucking, swallowing… it’s like baby training camp in there.


With baby’s rapid growth comes hunger! Keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand. If heartburn is an issue, try eating smaller but more frequent meals.


Mom might be feeling some movement by now, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t feel it yet from the outside. There will be plenty of that in trimester three. In the meantime, keep talking and singing to the bump (and to mom!).


Decorating a nursery (if you plan to have one) is a great joint project. The 2life LISTS tool will come in handy here.  Start a wish list for your baby registry — or go ahead and register. Tap on REGISTRY in the menu for easy access to the top baby registries. Visit the GALLERIES in this app for nursery decor inspiration and baby gear.


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