pregnancy by week

Week 12


Pick up a CD (without the case): that’s more or less what your baby weighs now. Reflexes are developing. Most of the body is formed, so from now on it’s mostly about growing (let’s face it, junior won’t stop growing for years!).


You will soon have to make some decisions around your work situation. If you have a job, investigate the maternity leave policy and schedule a meeting to break the news to your boss. If you are self-employed, how will you handle that? Then again, you may decide to quit work and be a stay-at-home mom. Ask for your partner’s input.


Your work life will be affected as well, and you need to find the right balance between work and family, so give it some thought. (You may already be getting some practice, if you are attending prenatal doctor’s appointments and looking after mom!)


If you have managed to keep the pregnancy secret so far, you will soon be able to make an official announcement. Discuss how and when, and make preparations if necessary. Will you host a family gathering to break the news? Do you want to make a splash with a clever post on social media? If you plan to hire a professional photographer for a special baby announcement photo session, check the “Announcement ideas” in our Photo Inspirations GALLERIES.