Kick-Ass Songs For Kids That Parents Will Love

There’s no shortage of educational songs and videos for kids, but finding ones that aren’t an assault on your adult ears (and nerves) can be difficult.

Thankfully, real-life couple and creative duo Billy Reid and Reb Stevenson are putting parents out of their misery with Pancake Manor, a series of educational videos and songs for kids that parents will love. We promise.

The series covers a variety of topics, from the alphabet and the solar system, to a rockin’ “Happy Birthday” song. Each video features original puppets Zach and Reggie alongside real adults and children, and original music that is sure to make your kids dance, sing, laugh and smile as they learn.

And you won’t even mind when these made-for-kids tunes get stuck in your head, which will happen because they’re that catchy. Check out “Counting to 10” below. You can find Pancake Manor YouTube and iTunes.

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