8 Parenting Scenarios (And How to React)

Raising a child is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. We’ve got expert advice that will help you navigate your way through the ocean of awkward, sensitive or frustrating scenarios that many parents face — and aren’t always sure how to handle.

1. If you want to strangle your kid…go into another room and count to 10.

2. If they draw on the wall…give them a cloth and make them clean it up.

3. If it takes 30 minutes of arguing to get them dressed in the morning…set up a reward chart and let them pick the clothes.

4. If they hit someone…don’t make a joke or pretend you didn’t see it. Move to their eye level and tell them it’s not okay.

5. If you make a parenting mistake in front of your kids…don’t be afraid to admit it.

6. If there’s a death in the family…it’s okay to take your three-year-old to the funeral to help them understand.

7. If your toddler insists on listening to kid music…run out and get Here Come the ABCs by indie poppers They Might Be Giants.

8. If your toilet trainee can’t get it right…don’t blow your cool. And no matter what, don’t revert to diapers.


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