The Joy Of No Sex (Once In A While)

Yes, you, too, can enjoy intimacy without sex… at least every once in a while.

Kiss. You may think it’s the first stop on the Sex Express, but the art of kissing can be more salacious and intimate on its own and doesn’t always have to lead to the dirty deed. (Whatever happened to just making out?)

Cook. What’s more satisfying than enjoying a good meal? Okay, don’t answer that. But a close second has to be engaging in a glazed-salmon pas de deux. Season and cook your way to a delectable Saturday night, and watch the conversation ebb and flow.

Drive. Ah, the open road and a fresh playlist. There’s nothing like the obligatory proximity of a road trip to set the stage for grandiose life-affirming discussions and plan making. And a good ol’ singalong.

Play. Board games, that is. Nothing brings out a sexy, competitive prowess like a good night of Cranium. After all, what’s more attractive than intelligence?

Clean. While this activity may seem void of any intimate sparks, don’t underestimate the power a housework-filled afternoon has on your coupledom. Visible results breed a sense of accomplishment and partnership.

Spoon. Guys, don’t be afraid. While the art of the cuddle might be a mandatory post-sex afterthought, give canoodling another try outside the coital limits. Spooning is sweet, romantic and perfect while watching House of Cards.

Image(s): Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

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