Stimulate Your Senses At NYC’s Play Cafe & Lounge

You’d never guess from its modest exterior that there are stacks of erotica tucked behind the stylish storefront of Play Cafe & Lounge in New York City.

Play is the Museum of Sex‘s new cafe/lounge/bar that serves up all sorts of temptation, from its aphrodisiac menu items to the titillating titles on its bookshelves.


As you walk toward the back of the “demure” cafe, you notice things aren’t quite as they appeared to be: Soft daytime lighting gives way to the red light that radiates from overhead fixtures, and kinky videos stream on brick-size monitors on some of the walls. Welcome to the Play Den.


The Play Den, or lounge, has various seating areas between the rows of bookshelves where couples can get cozy with a book–and each other.


Once reading time is over, you can continue beyond the “red light district” and its book shelves to the bar, which serves dishes and cocktails made with aphrodisiacal ingredients meant to stimulate the senses.


You might have walked in to Play for a macchiato and a sticky bun (the cafe boasts theirs are the best in the city, claiming they’re “almost better than sex itself”), but you’ll stay for the steamy between-the-covers action. [REMODELISTA]


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