Search For Street Performers

Load up your pockets with coins and small bills and go out in search of the best buskers in your town. Chances are you already know where you are most likely to find them: transit stations, public squares or parks, and so on. You just might come across some awesome talent. After all, many recording and performance artists have started their careers as buskers. Cirque de Soleil, for example, now a billion-dollar international industry, was founded by street performers.

Plan your strategy in advance. Will you give each performer at least 5 minutes no matter what? Will you dole out money based on how you rate the performance? Will you use your 2life app to exchange comments while you’re watching or take photos? Will you create an award to present to your favorite?

Cities around the world host Busker Festivals. You can check out Busker Central or do a web search to find out if there’s one coming up in your area; mark it on the calendar for a future Date Night!

Image(s): Veer