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12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Shots Every Wedding Album Needs

Weddings come and go in a flash. Between the ceremony, speeches, reception and guests, there are going to be a lot of memories from your special day that you won’t want to miss. Even though every wedding tells an individual story that is as unique as the couple’s, here are 12 must-have shots that will help you retell–and relive–the story of your wedding day.

1. The First Look. This one is a must-have because it’s such a significant and emotional moment–the look (and sometimes tears!) of joy that comes to every groom’s face when he first sees his beautiful bride.

2. The Family. You want to relive your wedding day every time you look back at your album, and you’ll definitely want to remember the people who were there to celebrate with you. Don’t let your photographer forget to include some nice shots of parents, grandparents, relatives and children looking absolutely dapper for your wedding.

3. The Dress. You probably spent countless hours searching for that perfect wedding dress, so why not show it off to the world? Don’t let all your hard work go forgotten–make sure your photographer gets a full-length shot of your dress, either on the hanger, or while you’re wearing it.

4. Traditional Portrait of the Bride and Groom. This is one of those classic wedding photos you just shouldn’t pass up. The iconic, timeless image of the bride and groom in full wedding duds should definitely be on your list of must-have photos. This is the photo that you’ll most likely frame and put up on your wall. Don’t overlook the value of a classic portrait!

5. Full Reception Room Shot. You’ll be too busy being the center of attention on your wedding day to take note of every single decor detail, so make sure your photographer snaps a full room shot of the reception.

6. Candid Shots. Cameras sometimes have a tendency to make people a little self-conscious, so candid, romantic shots of the couple spending time together and just enjoying each others’ company are important to include on your list. These emotional, intimate moments between the bride and groom often make up the most striking parts of wedding albums. Consider scheduling some time to shoot a creative session with just the couple and photographer at some point during the day.

7. Full Wedding Party. These are the people who stood by your side on your big day and you’ll definitely want a photo to remember how great you and your closest friends looked. Don’t let your special day go by without grabbing at least one keepsake shot of your full wedding party.

8. Pets. Your furry friends are there for you day in and day out, so don’t let them miss out on being a part of your most special day.

9. Exchange of Rings. This one goes without saying: it’s a definite must-have moment from your wedding.

10. The First Kiss. Another iconic wedding shot! You’ll definitely want your photographer to capture your first kiss as a married couple.

11. Your Walk Down the Aisle. A classic wedding day moment and a significant experience for any bride – don’t let it slip by without getting a good picture to remember it by.

12. Shoes. It’s the same story as the dress: you probably spent endless hours searching for the perfect pair, so show them off! Let all your friends have a chance to drool over them when they look over your wedding photos.

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