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How To Get Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos

San Fransisco-based wedding photographer Kali Kraum has the scoop on how to get the most out of your wedding photos.

Tip 1: Consider price, photo style and personality.
Kraum says:
“I always say the same thing to all of my clients–the three most important things to consider are price, photos and personality. Almost everyone is trying to stick to a wedding budget so price is often the first place a couple starts when searching for a photographer.

“And of course a connection with the photographs and style of the photographer is incredibly important. Liking the style of your photographer has as much to do with the moments they capture as the way they edit or process the photos.

“Last but certainly not least, is making sure that you and the photographer are a good fit. Personality is important–your wedding photographer will be spending one of the biggest days of your life with you, so make sure they are someone you want to be a part of that day.”

Tip 2: Don’t try too hard when posing; be natural.
Kraum says: “Be relaxed! Have fun! It’s your wedding day, and you look gorgeous, so enjoy it. Share a secret joke or whisper something in your sweetie’s ear and you’ll get at least two great photos–a sweet moment where you are sharing a secret and a big laugh or smile.

“The best photos are usually the ones that aren’t overly posed or directed, but are real moments, real smiles and big laughs. And ladies, make sure you turn one hip toward the camera and put your weight on one leg to keep those svelte and slender lines.”

TIP 3: Don’t cake on the makeup.
Kraum says:¬†“Make sure you have a small touch-up kit with you, with lipstick and powder. But don’t pile on the powder. It’s better to use a blotting sheet if you start to feel shiny. And keep hydrated. Lips and eyes start to look dry by the end of the day if you forget to drink.”

Image: Kali Kraum Photography

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