Notes To Selves: Using the JOURNAL tool in 2life Baby

The JOURNAL tool in 2life Baby is useful for more than just keeping a journal. It’s a handy place to write all kinds of notes pertaining to your pregnancy, baby, and relationship, especially ones that you both want to be able to find quickly and easily. Here are just a few suggestions:

– Your birth plan, outlining your wishes and instructions for delivery day

– Things to discuss with your doctor at your next appointment (symptoms, questions, etc.)

– List of people who offer to help, along with their contact information and other details (e.g., what they are willing to do and when)

– Helpful ideas and advice from friends and relatives

– Memories and milestones

– A letter to your unborn baby

You can create shared journal entries, which both of you can see and edit, or private ones. 2life Basic gives you two shared journals plus two private journals each; upgrade to Premium for unlimited journals (click here for info on how to get a free upgrade!). Later, when you are done with 2life Baby, you can switch to 2life–your relationship app, and your journals (and upgrade) will be there, along with your other data (photos, lists, etc.).

All of the 2life tools are meant to keep the two of you connected and organized in a space dedicated to your relationship. You can always find each other in your 2life app. If you would like some guidance on how to use the tools, go to the HELP tab in the app (or click here). And for tips on how to get the most out of the LINKS tool, click here.

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