2life Weddings Magazine: How to host a weekend wedding, style trends, fresh ideas + more!

So, you’re engaged. Congrats! We know that wedding planning can be both overwhelming and exciting. We hope that 2life Weddings magazine helps you plan the best party of your lives. In this issue, we’ve got wedding day dos & don’ts to keep you on track, style tips for creating a stellar sweet table, a getting-ready playlist for the bridal party, travel destinations for a romantic getaway, and what to expect after your big day (i.e., Post Wedding Disorder). And don’t miss our real weddings: a super-fun weekend wedding, and a rustic yet elegant celebration.

We believe wedding planning can be a shared experience for couples to enjoy together. That’s why we created the 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app. You can sync your calendars, share pictures and links with each other, and much more. Along with the app’s useful tools, you’ll find inspiring galleries, a gown search, planning tips, daily shopping picks, and even this magazine, all at the swipe of a finger. We’ll even send our best ideas straight to your inbox – sign up for our e-newsletter so you don’t miss a beat! Plus, connect with us daily on our blog and social media to find additional content that will help you plan an epic celebration. #love2life

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