Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Right?

J. Lo might insist otherwise, but according to a new study conducted by, love does in fact cost a thing–and we’re not talking about bruised hearts or the prized vinyl collection that an ex borrowed and never returned.

The study concludes that the average romantic relationship, from courtship to the altar, costs $43,842.08. How’s that, you ask? Researchers established common elements of modern romances (date nights, weekend getaways, diamond engagement rings, etc.) and then analyzed those figures based on a one-year courtship and one-year engagement to calculate a final average.

The study also took into account those not-so-happy expenses that come with being in a relationship, i.e. “apology flowers” three times a year!

“We’re having a little fun with this, but all kidding aside, money problems are the most common reason for break ups,” said Kelvin Mangaroo, President of “It’s important for couples to have common financial goals, and to share a strategy for achieving them before committing to a long-term or lifelong relationship.”

If you ask us, $43,842.08 is a small fee to pay to find something that is truly priceless: your perfect mate.

Click here for a chart with a breakdown of the costs…

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