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Lily’s Cheerful Coral & Teal Nursery

Few things excite us more than a delicious newborn photo shoot. Those cheeks! Those tiny little toes! But our delight goes into overdrive when we see a session that also includes shots of a stunning nursery. Case in point: this gorgeous family session from Alisha Rudd Photography that captures sweet Lily receiving a love-filled homecoming from her big sister and proud parents.

Here are some steal-worthy nursery decor ideas from Lily’s stylish nursery:

1. A colored crib. How gorgeous is that coral crib? It creates a focal point and adds colour to the room in an interesting way.

2. A cozy reading nook. Books are an important part of a baby’s development, and reading to your baby is a great way to bond. We love how these parents transformed a corner of the nursery into an adorable reading nook.

3. Wire baskets with blankets and stuffies. Keep a stash of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals easily accessible for impromptu snuggle sessions.

4. Fresh color palette. This is an undeniably “girly” nursery, but there’s not a hint of cotton-candy pink in sight. Combining elements of coral, teal, and gold against neutral walls and flooring creates a bold, cheerful effect.

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Image(s): Alisha Rudd Photography

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