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Is It Time to Rethink These Wedding Traditions?

Just because something is traditional doesn’t mean it’s right for your wedding. Feel free to personalize your celebration by picking and choosing the traditions that work for you. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a tradition, leave it out or adapt it…it’s your day and you shouldn’t feel anxious about a ritual that’s supposed to be fun! Here, we explain three existing wedding traditions and suggest some suitable alternatives.

1. The Bouquet Toss.
Tradition: All the single ladies gather on the dance floor while the bride throws her bouquet into the crowd. The woman who catches the bouquet is supposed to be the next to marry.
Reasons to Reconsider: Maybe you don’t want to (pardon the pun) single out your single friends…or maybe you just don’t want to let go of your beautiful bouquet (you plan on admiring it in the days to come or preserving it for posterity).
Alternative: We love the idea of handing out mini-bouquets (or small potted plants) as guest favors. Flowers for everyone — no cat fights required!

2. The Garter Removal.
Tradition: This is sort of the male alternative to the bouquet toss. The groom removes his bride’s garter belt (sometimes with his teeth!) and throws it to a crowd of “available” men.
Reason to Reconsider: Do you really want Grandma to witness your new husband rummaging around under your skirt?
Alternative: Instead of a garter your mister can toss a lottery ticket to his single guy friends. Whoever catches it might get lucky in a different way. Get it?

3. The Cake Smash.
Tradition: It starts with the couple cutting the first piece of wedding cake, but ends with slices being smashed in each other’s faces.
Reasons to Reconsider: You went to a lot of trouble (and money!) to look picture-perfect…do you really want icing in your hair? Likewise, you might not want to risk getting stains on your wedding dress when the cake starts flying.
Alternatives: Feed each other bite-size cupcakes (gently!) or share a delicious milkshake with two striped straws (talk about a cute photo op!).

Image: BerryTree Photography.

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