Introducing 2life Baby: 9 months in the making!

2 For Life Media Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of 2life Baby, a collaborative mobile app that helps expectant couples discover, organize, and share as they prepare to welcome a new baby. Available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, 2life Baby helps expectant couples stay organized and connected, thanks to real-time syncing between devices.

We at 2life decided late last year that it was time to add Baby to our suite of apps for couples (first came love — our 2life app — then marriage — 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner). The fact that it’s being released 9 months later is a happy coincidence.

“We want to help couples to nurture and strengthen their bond as they plan for this significant life change together,” says 2life co-founder Diane Hall. “Many other baby apps and products focus on the mom. We believe that both parents experience pregnancy as a time of great anticipation, excitement, and learning. It can also be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents, so 2life Baby is designed to be fun as well as helpful.”

Using their iOS devices, couples can finds tips and information in the week-by-week guides to pregnancy and the newborn baby; search for names using the popular Nameberry service; schedule medical appointments and prenatal events using the shared calendar; collect and comment on photos, such as weekly pictures of mom’s growing baby bump; stay on top of their to-do’s in real time using the Lists feature; bookmark important websites from the in-app browser; find inspiration for nursery décor, photo shoots, and must-have registry items; and much more. Anything entered by one partner is automatically shared with the other.

Whether couples are pregnant with their first baby or their fourth, adopting a child or expecting twins, they will find 2life’s tools easy, useful, and fun to use.

2life Baby lets couples:

• Find helpful advice for mom and partner in the Pregnancy Weekly Guide and Newborn Weekly Guide
• Browse our curated Galleries of nursery décor, registry items, and inspiring maternity and newborn photo shoots featuring real couples
• Search 1000s of baby names using the popular Nameberry service directly in the app
• Create and manage baby gift registries with top retailers
• Find trusted resources that will help them prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and life with a newborn.
• Make and manage lists together in real time, from gift registry must-haves to babymoon destination ideas
• Collect and comment on photos that capture mom’s growing baby bump and other memorable moments
• Create shared calendar events
• Bookmark and share web links in the in-app browser
• Write notes in the journal, individually or together
• Enjoy free, secure, unlimited text messaging

The 2life Baby app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For more info, take the 2life Baby app tour.



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