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Impossibly Cute Baby Love Triangle Photos Will Melt Your Heart

Brace yourselves, because you’re about to be hit with a triple shot of cuddly-baby Valentine’s Day cuteness! Looking at these impossibly sweet photos is the visual equivalent of devouring an entire box of chocolates in one sitting. It is just too much! Photographer Jaime Bartlett of Bartlett Pair Photography captured her lovely daughter, Violet, along with her handsome buds Owen (“Prince Charming”) and Liam (“Mr. Right”) in this outrageously cute “love triangle” shoot, complete with a kissing booth and babies covered in smooches. Are you dying yet?!








From the Photographer…As a photographer, one of the joys is getting to document my daughter growing up with frequent photo shoots that are bound to embarrass her later in life! Two of my best friends have little boys, Owen and Liam, the same age as Violet (around ~1 y/o) and luckily they feel the same way, so this love triangle was just too cute to pass up photographing! We knew we wanted to get a photo where it looked like Violet put on some lipstick and gave the boys lots of kisses…we just didn’t think it would work out so perfectly (they are babies after all)! These handsome little guys are going to be trouble once they are older – so Violet’s Daddy better look out!”

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