Husband Storage: A Refuge For Men Who Hate Shopping

It’s a fact of life that some men hate shopping. Luckily there is relief for non-shoppers in China whose partners drag them to the mall: “Husband storage” stations that offer a refuge for men who are tired of holding their wife’s purse as she thumbs through the discount racks.

When the woman is done shopping, she can pick up her husband from the facility. In other words, this is daycare for grown ups.

What exactly does a grown man do at shopping daycare? He can enjoy the many comforts of a husband storage facility, some of which include internet access, drinks, snacks, television and “beautiful attendants.” (Sounds like most mall restaurants to us). Other facilities are less luxurious and simply offer benches where men can “sit and think.”

Should’ve stayed home, they’re no doubt thinking.

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