How To Flirt With Your Spouse

Once you’re married, certain things change. Not in a bad way, you just get in a comfortable state with your sweetie. It’s not how it was when you were dating; you’re not up all night chatting on the phone, or getting nervous about where to go out on a date. But who’s to say you can’t keep your marriage spicy by holding on to some of those things you did while in the dating phase?

It takes effort, but it won’t go unnoticed! Here are some tips to keep things interesting, by just simply grabbing things from the past and putting them in the present.

1. Get ready where he can’t see you. Your sweetie is always around and usually sees you get ready for a night out. If you get ready in a closed room, and come out for a “grand finale,” your man will be surprised by what you put together. The duration of time also leads his mind to wonder…What exactly will you wear tonight?

2. Leave surprises. Your daily everyday life can get a little hectic sometimes, so it’s always important to remind your sweetie that you are thinking of them. Leave little notes in their car, or in their lunch, just to say a little something. To spice things up, leave a lipstick message on the washroom mirror to let them know you can’t wait to see them later that night.

3. Gifts for no reason. Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries are fine and dandy. But how about coming home with a single red rose for your lady? Or special lace undergarments to surprise your man? Little gifts for no reason can make a person feel so good, it’s worth a shot!

4. Kiss like teenagers. Remember when you used to turn on a movie just to make out through the whole thing anyway? Why did that ever stop? Have fun and just remember what it was like to not have a care in the world.

5. Skip the fancy restaurant. Date nights can be hard to plan, especially if you want to try something new. The first place to start is by ditching the “regular” dinner date. Head down to the drive in, get a Big Mac, drive around with no real destination in mind.

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