Feet First: A Must-See Family Portrait Series

It was love at first sight when we set eyes on Tom Robinson’s inspiring and poignant photo series “Feet First.” The series started in 2005 when Tom was on vacation in Brighton (UK) with his girlfriend Verity, and he decided to take a photo of their feet pointing out to sea. At the time, Tom had no idea the series would eventually grow to include more than 100 photos (taken in exotic locations such as Thailand, Morocco, India, Chile and more). The photos brilliantly capture the couple’s amazing vacations (and diverse footwear choices!) as well as their evolving relationship. Indeed, in 2011 a tiny pair of feet (daughter Matilda) joined them on their journey (and little baby Beatrice recently made her inaugural appearance). We hope these photos inspire you to keep documenting your own changing relationship — and maybe even to deviate from the old selfie once in a while! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite shots here, but you can visit Tom’s blog to see more.


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