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Gender-Reveal Party: Blue Or Pink, What Do You Think?

Will you find out the sex of your baby before “showtime”? Will you share that information with friends and family? If so, how? These are some of the questions all parents-to-be ought to discuss.

Aaron and Katie decided that they wanted to learn the sex of their baby ahead of time. The couple asked the ultrasound tech to write down the sex and place it in a sealed envelope. Katie’s aunts were then entrusted with the top secret contents of the envelope, and planned a gender reveal party where guests gathered round to learn, along with the parents-to-be, the baby’s sex.

Guests wore their guess in the form of pink or blue clothing, played “guess the gender” games, and snacked on pink-and-blue-themed desserts. The answer to the question on everyone’s mind was hidden in a mystery box containing “gender-appropriate” balloons (pink for a girl, blue for a boy), which Katie and Aaron revealed when they cut open the box. Spoiler alert: it’s a girl!

Photography by Amy Nicole was onsite to capture the adorable details and the couple’s joy when they learned the sex of their baby.

Not your style? That’s ok. You can simply ask the technician to tell you the sex of your baby during one of your scans. Just don’t expect there to be balloons. Or cupcakes.


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Image(s): Photography by Amy Nicole

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