Do Readers Make Better Lovers?

Can reading a good book make you a better person…and a better partner? Several scientific studies suggest that reading enhances our capacity for empathy (the ability to see things through another person’s eyes). Needless to say, an empathetic person is more likely to be a sensitive and intuitive lover.

Indeed, in her recent article for Elite Daily, writer Lauren Martin asserts that a reader’s “…ability to connect with characters they haven’t met makes their understanding of the people around them much easier…they may not always agree with you, but they will try to see things from your point of view.”

Not only that, but readers have better vocabularies, says Martin, and they’re not afraid to use them: “They will write you letters and texts in verse…they will enrapture you with their knowledge.” In a world where we often limit ourselves to 140 characters, there’s definitely something romantic and appealing about a person who speaks (and writes) well, and if picking up a novel makes you better at relationships, sign me up…for a free library card!

Image(s): Meriel Waissman

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