Bucket List For Parents-To-Be

Got a baby on the way? Congrats! Your life is about to change in beautiful, wondrous ways. But doing the things you enjoy doing as a couple now–going for out for dinner, camping out at a music festival–wont’ be so easy once you’ve got a baby. So, make the most of this time to do special things together–aside from taking prenatal classes and decorating the nursery.

Go out for a fancy dinner.

Go to the movies–often.

Sleep in.

Get a couples’ massage.

Go on a babymoon.

Do a maternity shoot with a professional photographer.

Sleep some more.

Go out with friends.

Have sex–it’ll be a while before you do this again once the baby arrives.

Track your growing belly by taking weekly bump photos (and store them in the 2life app to see your progression!).

Take a day trip to a nearby beach, national park, or other local attraction.

Cook dinner together.

Get photo booth pictures taken–you can do it again after baby arrives for an extra fun family photo project.

Attend a sporting event.

Go to a concert.

Have some fun with maternity lingerie.

Enjoy a mocktail (or two) on a patio.

Read for pleasure–and not just parenting books!

Take a yoga class together.

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