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Baby Announcement Photos: Surprise, Honey, I’m Pregnant!

So, the doctor confirmed your pregnancy and now you’re waiting for the perfect way to tell your partner, right? Instead of blurting it out between folding loads of laundry, why not make your announcement something special? That’s what mom-to-be Camille did, and the results are an absolute delight. What a sweet way to capture such a joyous time in a couple’s lives.

Kendra of Paisley Layne Photography shares the story behind this creative and adorable reveal photo shoot:

“I first met Camille when I shot her boudoir session. We immediately hit it off and spent the majority of her session chatting about a million different things. One of the topics of discussion was cute ways to tell your husband you are pregnant, and she fell in love with one of the ideas I had. So, when I got a text from her a couple months ago that said, ‘Remember that idea we talked about…’ I knew exactly what she meant and was jumping up and down with excitement. We planned a session under the rouse of a couple’s holiday card photo shoot. About halfway through the session, I asked Camille and her husband, Kyle, to ‘humor me’ with a fun idea. They were each given a piece of paper and a maker and asked to write a sweet note to the other person. Little did Kyle know that Camille’s note would forever change their lives. They stood back to back and on my count turned to face each other, note in hand. His reaction was priceless, and we all ended up in tears. It was an incredible session and a moment none of us will forget!”

How sweet is that?! Scroll through the photos to see the dad-to-be’s surprise–and utter joy.

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Image(s): Paisley Layne Photography