Art Battle: Live Competitve Painting

If you’re in the market for a fun night out, check out Art Battle, a friendly competition where artists get 20 minutes to complete a painting that you then get to judge. It’s actually pretty fun to watch the blank canvases turn into legitimate works of art in those 20 minutes.

The painters are grouped in the center of the room, and on-loookers surround them and watch the process. Over the course of the evening there are three rounds, with the winners selected in each round based on the number of votes they get from the audience. It’s a very friendly crowd and artists are given moral support from their fans. And yes, alcohol is available in case you’re worried about this being too serious.

Visit the Art Battle web site for upcoming events across Canada including a special Art Battle Leap Year in Toronto on Monday, February 29. Painters paint blindfolded, they paint in teams, they paint on each other’s canvases; it’s quite unusual, and exists outside of the normal tournament and timeline only for this night.

Image(s): Gerry Brown