Add Vintage Charm To Any Wedding With Jillian Harris’s Styling Tips

Antique pieces add charm and nostalgia to any wedding, and there are a million ways to incorporate vintage elements into your ceremony and reception décor. We asked Jillian Harris, interior designer, host of Love It or List It and former Bachelorette, to share her best vintage wedding styling tips–served on an antique silver platter, of course!

VintageStylingFlowersWhy do you think so many couples love vintage wedding décor?

Vintage pieces are so popular for wedding décor because of the amazing story behind each and every one. Couples and guests alike feel that sentimental tug from times long past that is such a natural part of a celebration of love. No one wants their wedding to feel cold and sterile. Vintage items create a warm, cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel relaxed. Plus, you get the added bonus of checking the “something old” off your must-have list!VintageStylingFashionVintageStylingAccessories

What should couples look for in their search for vintage wedding items?

My advice is to look for items that can be both beautiful and functional. Arrange favors in an antique suitcase, seating guests around old doors that double as dining tables and having the adorable ring-bearer carry his precious cargo on a vintage pillow.

What are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to vintage wedding decor?

DO think outside the box and pair items that you might not normally put together, like old mason jars and high-end antique china.

DO think of your guests’ comfort. Offer vintage blankets to keep guests warm during a drafty church ceremony or outdoor reception.

DO incorporate vintage pieces into the bride’s outfit, from the “something blue” to the engagement ring.

DON’T do themes! Vintage items should be part of a classy event.

DON’T stress too much about making the decorations absolutely perfect. Weddings are supposed to be all about love after all!VintageStylingPhotographVintageStylingTable

What are some of your favorite types of pieces to include in wedding decor?

I absolutely love using vintage books as cake stands and centerpiece pedestals, mix-and-match antique apothecary jars as punch jugs and serving apres-ceremony cocktails in assorted china teacups.

What are some of the hottest vintage wedding décor trends for 2014?

Mixing clean modern lines with vintage items and not fussing too much about the table settings. You don’t need to have an identical centerpiece on every table; you can mix it up with unique vintage pieces while maintaining a good visual flow with flowers and candles.

Does a couple need to have a full-out rustic/vintage-themed wedding in order to include antique items in their décor?

No way! I love incorporating vintage pieces with a modern decorating scheme, whether for a wedding or your home. Antique pieces add a charming, unexpected element to any décor style.VintageStylingTablescapeVintageStylingHearth

Are there any unique items that make great vintage wedding décor pieces that might not be obvious at first?

Books and suitcases are definitely not the first thing that pop into people’s minds when planning a wedding, but they are some of my favorite items to use!

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Images from top to bottom: Blondy Photography; Sharla Pike Photography

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