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A Breathtaking Summer Vineyard Wedding

A minty green palette. A vintage Mercedes convertible. DIY details galore. These are just some of the elements that made us swoon over this “intoxicating” vineyard wedding, beautifully captured by Manifesto Photography. The couple chose a rustic theme for their wedding decor, which perfectly complements the natural beauty of their venue. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet: a stunning sunset that created a magical canvas for Richard and Jennifer’s breathtaking wedding portraits. If there are raindrops on your wedding day, remember these spectacular shots–once the weather clears, you end up with some stunning post-dinner photo opportunities!















From the Bride… “The year prior to our wedding many weekends were spent at yard sales and antique shops, in hopes of finding unique pieces to add to our décor. We quickly fell in love with all things burlap and lace, which is why most of our décor incorporated these materials. My mom, sisters and I came up with plenty of DIY projects for the big day.

I found the perfect lace wedding dress that felt as if it was made just for me. Shortly after my husband proposed to me, my mom and I pulled out her wedding dress and veil from 35 years ago. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the lace trim along her veil, which was still in perfect condition and had not faded or discolored at all. It meant a lot to be able to wear this veil on my wedding day, and share this piece with my mom. 

By searching online, I found J Crew, Chiffon, Dusty Shale bridesmaid dresses. I love how my bridesmaids’ unique styles and personalities shined through the dresses, shoes and jewelry they chose to wear. We used the minty blue/green color from the bridesmaids’ dresses along with soft blush pink as the main color palette for our day.

On the wedding day, my dad and I drove up to the ceremony in his 1965 Mercedes. He helped me out of the car and we had an intimate moment before he walked me down the aisle–this is a moment I will never forget. My dad also constructed the birch wood arbor that was beautifully decorated with lace and floral. It meant so much to get married under an arbor that was built by my father!

There were slight sprinkles of rain throughout our ceremony and reception, but we didn’t let this affect the flow or schedule of our wedding day. It rained just enough for the sunset to be absolutely magical, painting the road pink! I will never forget and always cherish the memories from our wedding day. It was truly the perfect way to begin our journey as husband and wife!”