9 Signs That You’re Head-Over-Heels In Love

For some, love strikes at first sight. For others, it takes time to develop and reveal itself. Regardless of how or when it happens, falling in love is the absolute best thing there is in life. So, in case you aren’t sure whether your feelings for the object of your affection amount to a crush, or the real deal, here are 9 surefire signs it’s l-o-v-e.

1. You give them your undivided attention.9RomThings_SecondGlance

2. You make them breakfast in bed.9RomThings_AClickForTwo

3. You write them a love song.9RomThings_JessieHolloway

4. They’re constantly on your mind.9RomThings_HoughPhotography1

5. There’s nothing you’d rather do than have fun and be silly with them.tomatofight_wp

6. You want to hold their hand as much as possible.chrisandrew_wp

7. You would ask them to dance, wherever you are.9RomThings_CrystalStokes

8. You happily share your favorite dessert with them.9RomThings_StudioSequoia

9. You want to spend the rest of your life with them.mathyshootspeople_feature

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Images: Magnolia Adam’s Photography; Second Glance Photography; A Click For Two Photography; Jessie Holloway Photography; Hough Photography; Elisabeth Millay Photography; Brittany Graham Photography; Crystal Stokes Photography; Studio Sequoia; Mathy Shoots People

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