9 Creative Baby Announcement Photo Sessions

It’s official–your family is growing! Whether you’re adopting, expecting your first child, or about to welcome a second or third child, you and your partner will have to figure out how you’re going to share your happy news. Find inspiration from these families who put some seriously fun creativity into their baby announcements.

1. Adopting? Congrats! Spread the word with a playful announcement shoot that captures your joy. Your child will feel extra-special when they look back on the photos and see how thrilled you were to welcome him or her to your family. Show here: Ashley and Joseph as captured by Art of Her in Colorado.

Teipel__ArtofHer_AshleyandJosephArtofHerPhotographyFullResolution0003_0 Teipel__ArtofHer_AshleyandJosephArtofHerPhotographyFullResolution0021_0

2. A mini Adirondack chair is the perfect announcement prop for beach-loving parents to announce the approaching arrival of their little beach bum. A message written in the sand shows the due date. Shown here: Brandy and Craig as captured by Kansas Pitts Photography in Florida.

Pitts__kansasstudioskansaspittsphotographydesign_SutherlinAnnouncement30_0 Pitts__kansasstudioskansaspittsphotographydesign_SutherlinAnnouncement27_0b

3. Building blocks are a colorful and playful addition to any baby announcement. It’s also wonderful to involve any older siblings in the announcement, too. Shown here: Jen, Devin and Finn as captured by Darin Crofton Photography in Florida.



4. For many couples, their first “child” is a pet, so include any furry big brothers or sister in the announcement. Shown here: Kelly and Justin as captured by Diana Deaver Photography in South Carolina.

Stauffer__DianaDeaverPhotography_DEAV1349_0 Stauffer__DianaDeaverPhotography_DEAV1490_0b

5. Baby Chuck Taylors are always a good call–and even cuter they are color-coordinated with Mom and Dad’s. Shown here: Liz and Brian as captured by Asea Tremp Photography in California.


6. Include stuffed animals–maybe even a favorite of yours from childhood, if it’s in good shape–into your photo shoot. It will be cute if it becomes your baby’s object of affection later on. Shown here: Jasmina and Dann as captured by Amy Aiello Photography in Illinois.



7. Mark your calendar with your baby’s anticipated arrival date. Don’t know the sex of the baby? Use pink and/or blue balloons in the shoot to capture each of your guesses. Shown here: Melissa and Chad as captured by K. Moss Photography in Pennsylvania.


8. Make a banner. Show off your crafty side with a DIY banner. Maybe it reveals the sex of your baby, or your due date, or the baby’s name, if you’ve chosen. Cute props and decor details add character to any shoot. Show here: Lacie and Jeremy as captured by Andie Freeman Photography in Georgia.


9. Give friends and relatives a sneak peek of your little one by including an ultrasound photo in your announcement picture. Show here: Janice and Bart as captured by Kay Castle Photography in Georgia.