10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of 2life Baby

Welcome to 2life Baby. Here are 10 ways that 2life Baby can help you document your journey together and plan for your new baby:

1. Stay informed 
Discover our helpful content: WEEKLY for a snapshot of baby’s development plus tips for mom, partner, and the two of you as a couple; IDEAS & ADVICE from our editors; GALLERIES for inspiration; and RESOURCES for curated information. NOTE: Our content is not a substitute for medical advice; please read our disclaimer.

2. Create a joint account
You can use 2life Baby alone, but it’s really fun to use it with your partner. Go to PROFILES in the app to check the status of your invitation. If you haven’t connected with your partner yet, tap here for instructions.

3. Countdown to your due date 
Go to the PROFILES tab, add your photo, select “expecting” as your relationship status and enter your due date. Then the ACTIVITY screen will show you how many weeks along you are. Tap on the > to go directly to information about that week.

4. Collect and comment on photos
Take a weekly “bump” PHOTO (put an alert in the CALENDAR to remind you). Of course, you’ll snap many photos when baby is born, too. This tool is also handy when you’re looking for nursery decor, baby gear, etc. Photos can be shared with friends and family from the app.

5. Manage lists together in real time 
Making your own LISTS will help you and your partner keep track of your to-do’s, shopping lists, favorite baby names, etc. With real-time updates, you can see when your partner has added or updated a list.

6. Create shared calendar events 
The CALENDAR is perfect for scheduling medical appointments, baby showers, etc. so you both know when they are happening. Events entered in the 2life calendar are shared with your partner.

7. Write in the journal, individually or together 
There are many ways to use the JOURNAL tool! Create your birth plan, record milestones, write a letter to your unborn baby… 

8. Register at top retailers 
Our retail partners offer comprehensive baby registry programs. Go to the REGISTRY tab. Open a registry through the app to get a free upgrade (see #10 below).

9. Search and share baby names 
Everything you need to know about names, powered by Nameberry. Just tap on BABY NAMES in the menu to search, then save your faves to links.

10. Bookmark and share web links 
Use LINKS to keep important websites close at hand: research about pregnancy and parenting, maternity fashion retailers, nutritious recipes, etc. Simply add the url in the LINKS tab, or tap the LINKS icon at the bottom of the screen when you are in the in-app browser and that web page will be stored in LINKS.

We’re here to help and we value your feedback. Email support@2life.io or tweet us @2lifeBaby.


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