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7 MORE Non-Trashy Bachelorette Party Ideas

A successful bachelorette party should be about bridal party bonding and allowing the bride to let off steam. Needless to say, the entire purpose of the party is lost if the guest of honor feels uncomfortable. After all, penis cakes and games like “suck for a buck” aren’t for everyone, and keeping things PG doesn’t mean you won’t have tons of fun! A while ago, we shared 7 non-trashy bachelorette party ideas, and we got such an amazing response that we decided to add to our list. So without further ado, here are 7 MORE non-trashy ideas for a memorable bachelorette party.

1. Hit the Bowling Alley. Head to your local bowling alley and party like it’s 1959! In between games, make sure to indulge in some treats from the Snack Bar (fries, fries and more fries!). Bonus: you get to wear comfortable shoes — no teetering around in stilettos all night.

2. Create a Masterpiece. Who says you have to go to a strip club to see some skin? Life drawing classes are popping up all over the place, and they’re not the art classes of old: some even include cocktails and music. You’ll definitely bond while appreciating (or laughing at!) each other’s artistic abilities.

3. Host a Good Old-Fashioned Slumber Party. It’ll be just like when you were kids. Put on some adorable matching nightshirts (like the lovely ladies in our photo), pile your sleeping bags together and stay up late watching chick flicks, playing Truth or Dare, and prank calling boys!

4. Hire a Psychic. We know marriage is in her future, but what else is written in the stars? You’re sure to have a blast comparing notes after having your Tarot cards or tea leaves read. Just remember to ask the psychic to stick to the good stuff: everlasting love, outrageous success, etc. Now is definitely not the time for unhappy fortunes — you’re celebrating!

5. Plan an Ugly Dress Party. Each guest comes to the event dressed in a nightmarish thrift-store cast-off. Considering the occasion, we suggest old bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses (picture puffy sleeves, shoulder pads and shiny satin). Naturally, documenting your crazy ensembles on Instagram is a must!

6. Take a “Glamping” Trip. Glamping, camping with glamour, is about as far from roughing it as you can get: think luxurious tents, running water, etc. Basically, it’s all the fun of summer camp (bonfires, s’mores, ghost stories) without any of the headaches (soggy clothes, outhouses, etc.).

7. Make a Bouquet. Get together as a group and learn how to assemble beautiful flower arrangements; then give them all to the bride so her house can be filled with blooms! You can also take workshops on how to make terrariums, decorate cakes and embroider fabric. Any of these creative ideas would be fun for a crafty bunch of friends.

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