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6 Truths About Your Wedding Day

You can look at countless wedding photos online, but it’s hard to know what to expect for your own wedding until the glorious day arrives. Here are six truths about your wedding day that you won’t learn from the pretty pics on Pinterest.

1. You Won’t Get Much Sleep The Night Before. Nerves and off-the-charts giddiness will leave you tossing and turning the night before your wedding and you’ll likely wake up before sunrise. You’ll need some sleep, so skip the post-rehearsal dinner drinks with your friends and head to bed. You’ll get to party the night away with them the next day.

2. You’ll Need A Nice Hanger For Your Gown. Your photographer will want shots of your gown before you step into it and there’s no way a cheap wire hanger from the dry cleaners will do! We love these handmade, customizable hangers from Etsy: they’re an adorable keepsake and they photograph beautifully. Plus, it’s another cute way to add a personal touch to your big day.

3. Your Dress Will Get Dirty. This truth is hard to swallow, but the bottom of your pristine gown will get dirty and possibly even damaged after a day of walking outside, posing for photos and dancing. Try to keep it as clean as possible before the photos and ceremony. Once you’re at the reception, you’ll be so happy that you won’t care about a bit of dirt on your skirt!

4. You Will Cry (At Least Once). But they’ll be happy tears! With so many special moments between you and your sweetie and the overall significance of the day, you’ll likely cry at least once. Throw in touching speeches from friends, family and your new spouse and you’re left with lots of opportunities to shed a sweet tear or two. This is why waterproof mascara is your friend.

5. You Won’t Believe How Quickly It Goes By. After months of wedding planning, it’s easy to fall into a forward-thinking frame of mind, always focusing on the future and imagining the details of your big day. Well, this is it! Your big day is here! So be present, enjoy all of the love-filled moments, gush over the beautiful cake and decor details, smile lots and soak up that magical feeling. You can’t slow down time, but the day won’t flew by quite so quickly if you stay in the moment.

6. You Will Be Overwhelmed With Love And Happiness. It’s an indescribably heartwarming feeling to realize that so many people have come to celebrate you and your spouse and your expression of love and commitment to each other. At the reception, take a minute with your groom to step back and take a look at the room, at all of the wonderful friends and family who have come to share such a special day with you. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy and it’s extra-special if you can experience this moment with your new hubby.

Image: All This Happiness

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