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3 Ways to Make Social Media Work at Your Wedding

Raise your hand if you’re emotionally involved with your mobile device. Do you panic if your iPhone is out of sight (or out of your hand)? Feel distraught if you can’t Tweet or Instagram at a moment’s notice? You’re not alone. We’re living in a super-wired world (for better or for worse), so having a social media strategy for your wedding simply makes sense. Some couples are planning “unplugged” weddings by banning social media completely, but you do run the risk of displeasing guests by laying down the law. Rest assured, there are ways to make social media work at your wedding, and you’ll enjoy seeing the day’s events through your guests’ eyes (after all, you can’t be everywhere at once and neither can your photographer!). Here are some guidelines to ensure social media doesn’t interfere with your celebration.

1) Set Limits. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to refrain from using social media at certain times of the day. For example, the ceremony is a good time to invite guests to go phone-free. Your photographer only has one chance to capture these important moments (especially your first wedded kiss!), and the last thing you need is over-eager relatives and friends interfering. Another opportune time to put the Tweets on hold: during dinner. Asking your guests to take a social media break during this time will encourage them to mingle with their table mates and really enjoy the moment instead of worrying about which selfie to post.

2) Create a Hashtag. A personalized wedding hashtag is the best way to ensure your guests’ social media posts will all end up in one place. Instead of checking individual feeds you can just click on the hashtag to relive all the wedding-day action. Try WeddingWire’s fun Hashtag Generator tool to findĀ a clever and memorable one and start spreading the word about your hashtag sooner rather than later. It’s a good idea to include it with your save-the-date card and invitation. Plus, placing a cute chalkboard sign at your reception venue to remind your guests never hurts.

3) Ask for Help. Obviously, you’ll have your hands full on the day of the wedding, so why not leave the Instagram updates to a trusted friend? Designate someone with expert filter-selecting skills to help document the day. They can also add your wedding hashtag to photos if other guests have forgotten. Ideally, choose someone who’s not in your bridal party. Like you, your bridesmaids and maid of honor will have other duties keeping them busy!

Image: Edoardo Agresti

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