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5 Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Love You

Your bridesmaids are your closest pals on the planet. So, don’t go ruining perfectly wonderful friendships by turning into a raging Bridezilla the second you get engaged. Follow these 5 easy tips to ensure your friends will want to remain so once you’re hitched.

1. Give Them Choice: So, you’ve always imagined having bridesmaids decked in pale pink dresses, huh? Well, y’know what? You deserve to have maids decked in pale pink dresses. But be flexible and let each girl choose her own dress in a style and price range that works for her. Same goes for shoes. Your bridesmaids will be even more delighted to be in your wedding party if they’re not expected to fork up a month’s worth of rent for the couture dress and Jimmy Choo stilettos you picked out.

2. Don’t Endlessly Talk About Your Wedding: You’ve presumably been friends with these girls for a long time, which means you presumably talked about myriad interesting topics before you got engaged. You get to be the center of attention for lots of pre-wedding events, and that’s how it should be because you’re the bride. But when you’re out with girlfriends, don’t hog the spotlight with tulle-infused wedding-speak. They have lives, too, y’know?

3. Don’t Throw Tantrums: What could be more humiliating than a grown woman throwing a hissy fit in a bridal boutique, her shocked bridesmaids awkwardly looking away or pretending they don’t know this ill-behaved bride? Please, do not under any circumstances start screaming or foot-stomping in front of your bridesmaids. If you’re on the verge of exploding over something, politely excuse yourself and have a tantrum in the washroom if you absolutely must. There’s no way to undo a screaming fit once it’s been unleashed and, while your friends might not mention it ever again, they definitely won’t forget it.

4. Keep Your Cool: Once your wedding day arrives, vow to stay poised and take mishaps in stride (because they will happen). Treating your bridesmaids like garbage or lashing out at them because you’re pissed that it’s raining on your big day is unacceptable and inexcusable. Don’t freak out if a bridesmaid mistakenly bought the wrong color shoes or slept through her hair appointment. Remember, the important thing is having this person be part of your big day, not that everything be “perfect.”

5. Show Your Appreciation: Write heartfelt thank you notes for each bridesmaid expressing appreciation for the time and energy they put into being part of your special day. Buy meaningful thank you gifts that they can wear or use again and that will remind them of your friendship and their special role in your wedding. That “World’s Best Bridesmaid” t-shirt won’t get much play beyond your wedding.

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