5 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

Sometimes, being pregnant is a drag. You can’t drink. Or eat sushi. Your ankles swell, and you forget things constantly. But there are some pretty awesome perks that come along with pregnancy.

1. No hangovers. This is the upside of that whole not-being-able-to-drink thing. For the past seven and a half months, I’ve enjoyed my weekend mornings without any signs of a hangover. Sure, there’s been nausea and headaches, but they’re easier to deal with when I know it’s because there’s a baby growing in my belly, and not because I drank too much red wine the night before.

2. Strangers give up their seats on public transit for you Admittedly, this doesn’t happen until your belly pops and other people can tell that you’re pregnant, rather than assuming that your pants are too tight because you ate too much at lunch. But once that bowling-ball belly sticks out far enough for all to see, people are at the ready to give up their comfy seats on public transit. Enjoy it now, because the look of tenderness strangers give your baby bump will quickly become harsh side-eyes when you board the bus at rush hour with a screaming baby and a stroller. (Fun!)

3. Your boobs get big! If you’re able to fill out a C-cup without the help of pregnancy hormones, then consider yourself blessed. For the rest of us, pregnancy is an opportunity to feel like a busty Victoria’s Secret model (with a baby bump, but whatever…). We get to shop for new bras and bend over in low-cut shirts as often as possible because–look!–we’ve got cleavage. The only downside is that, apparently, your breasts actually get smaller than they were before pregnancy once your baby is born. So, make sure you (and your partner) take full advantage of them before they disappear.

4. Those kicks. At some point during your pregnancy, you’ll start to feel your baby kicking and elbowing his or her way around in your belly. It can be startling at first, but once you realize what’s going on it’s basically the coolest thing ever. Tap your fingertips on your belly and see if your baby responds with a jab. Sometimes you’ll be able to see the surface of your belly undulate as he or she break dances, or whatever it is babies do in there.

5. You get to eat like a teenage boy. While some women have trouble keeping anything down during the first trimester, most moms-to-be get their appetite back during the second trimester–and with a vengeance! Sure, you want to make healthy choices for you and your baby, but devouring an entire meat-lovers’ pizza (iron!) followed by a carton of Heavenly Hash ice cream (calcium!) in one sitting every once in a while can’t be that bad, right? No one can judge your frat-boy appetite because (hello!) a human is growing inside of you.

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