5 Surprising Ways To Spoil Your Pregnant Partner

Make your sexy, fabulous, fierce pregnant partner feel like the goddess she is with some of these thoughtful gestures.

1. Scrub, don’t rub. Sure, shoulder rubs are nice, but she might appreciate it more if you got down on all fours and scrubbed the kitchen floor, or completed any of her share of the household chores that she can’t do anymore because of her growing belly. Even better–call a cleaning service to give your house a once over before baby comes and take her out for dinner!

2. (Milk)shake it up. Cold, creamy, and delicious, milkshakes will satisfy those pregnancy ice cream craving (and seemingly constant thirst), help her keep cool, and provide a little calcium for her and bebe.

3. Get a Netflix subscription. Being pregnant is exhausting and often leads to days sprawled out on the couch binge-watching movies and TV shows. Make sure she’s not stuck watching crappy TLC reruns and surprise her with a subscription to Netflix or another video streaming service. Bonus: you’ll get to enjoy this gift, too!

4. Plan a surprise babymoon. Life is going to get crazy hectic once your bundle of joy arrives. Plan a surprise babymoon getaway for the two of you to enjoy some relaxing time together. Make sure you book a trip to a town, city, or retreat that she’ll enjoy visiting, and don’t plan anything that requires too much exertion. Remember, this is time for you two to relax.

5. Cook her dinner. Pregnant women are too tired to cook. Most of them want to crawl into bed the minute they get home from work (especially during the first trimester). She’s got enough things to worry about; this is one item you can take off her plate.

Image(s): iStock