WATCH: The Most Romantic Way To Get Pulled Out Of A Meeting

Love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it makes us do crazy things, like stand on top of a bus and proclaim your feelings to the love of your life as she watches, bewildered and smiling, from her office window.

That’s what love inspired Jeanne to do, as she proposed to her girlfriend, Alissa, in the streets of Seattle (to the sounds of a live brass band, no less).

On the posting on YouTube, Alissa wrote, “On July 30th I was pulled out of a meeting because of a ‘disturbance’ on the street. When I got to my office window, I saw my girlfriend standing on a bus across the street. What came next was the most genuine, funny, heartfelt marriage proposal.

Just the night before, we were talking about romance and I pretty much told her she wasn’t romantic. I am eating crow … and will be for a long time.”

Watch this awesome proposal for yourselves — just beware that many of Alissa’s coworkers were teary-eyed by the end, and you just might be, too.


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