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18 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

C’mon, you can do better than the cliche dinner-and-a-movie date. Get creative and treat that special someone to one of these 18 romantic (and money-saving) date ideas.

Sexy Book Club. Take turns reading to one another from some (classy) erotica. As an added bonus, your dirty-talk vocabulary will increase tremendously!

Go Old School. Hit up a local playground to swing and slide together. To spice things up, have a game of tag, with the best-of-five winner earning a sexy reward back home.

Watch a Sunset/Sunrise Together. Cuddle up with a blanket and some hot cocoa and gaze in childlike wonder at that gorgeous star we call Sun.

Explore Your Inner Artiste. Have a Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore moment and craft your own piece of pottery. Skip the messy wet clay step by visiting a paint-it-yourself place. Don’t forget to sign your piece of “art” for an instant family heirloom.

First Dance, Take 2. If you’re married, recreate the first dance from your wedding. Slip into your wedding outfit, call your spouse into the living room and press play. For romance brownie points, whisper your vows into their ear mid-dance.

Be wine! Take your mate on a tour of a local (or not-so-local) spirit spot. You’ll discover what goes into your fave vintage and how to sample like a pro. Up the ante and buy a bottle for a romantic night in.

Play Your Part. Role play. Whether it’s naughty or nice, treat your guy or girl to their ultimate fantasy. Raid your closet for some impromptu costumes: doctor/nurse, maid/billionaire, electrician/bored housewife.

Take Date Night Into Your Own Hands. Will you have a white-picket fence, two kids and a dog someday? Is a promotion just around the corner? Find out the answers and your future forecast by visiting a palm reader. (Caution: Take all predictions with a proverbial grain of salt!)

Make Sweet Music. Turn up the romance with a personalized playlist for your sweetie. Even sweeter: Record an intro to the list and secretly download it on their iPod for a sweet-sounding surprise.

Hit The Slots. Luck be a lady… or a lad! Dress up and hit your local casino for a posh night of fun.

Picture Perfect. Make a memory collage. Grab all those photos you and your honey have stashed away in an old shoebox and artfully assemble them into your own romantic masterpiece.

No-Tell Hotel. Spend the night at a hotel and sign up for a couples massage or pleasure package (or both!).

Roses Are Red: Check out a poetry reading at a local pub. Inspire a night of amour with some spoken word. Even more romantic if you get the cozy table in the back.

Channel Your Inner Crooner. Belt out your favorite tunes together at your local karaoke bar. Nothing’s sillier/sappier than staring into each other’s eyes and hitting (or trying to hit) those high notes!

Kisses In The Kitchen. Cook up a feast. Whip up your sweetie’s fave dish, or tackle a new meal together. The stomach truly is the way to someone’s heart.

Clothing Optional. Initiate a frisky round of poker. Make Lady Gaga proud and put on your best poker face. Kick things up a notch with some very skin-friendly wagering.

Slumber Party. Cozy up with your sweetie in your very own slumber party pour deux. Don’t forget to play truth or dare–minus all the teenage awkwardness!

Breakfast In Bed. Take turns feeding each other French toast, chocolate chip pancakes and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice for a sweet weekend morning treat. Top it off with some even sweeter post-brekkie snuggling.

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