weekly baby guide

12 Weeks Old


Baby’s probably gearing up for another growth spurt (which means increased appetite!). If held in a standing position, he might put weight on his legs. Before you know it, he’ll be rolling over, then sitting up, then crawling, then walking… then asking to borrow the car.


It’s a roller coaster, right? Sometimes you think you’ve got this, sometimes you’re at a loss. Don’t worry; it’s the same for any parent. There are tons of resources available, including websites that you can bookmark in LINKS so you can both find them easily. Be sure to stay in tune with your partner as you continue this journey…. together.


It bears repeating: stay involved and help with baby care as much as you can. It develops a bond with the baby: the more diapers you change, the more attached to you he’ll become. It’s totally worth it. Nurture your attachment to mom, too. You’re in this together.


We told you a year ago (Weeks 1-2) that this baby thing would test your relationship… were we right? Sharing with each other — the sharing that matters most — is more important now than ever. We invite you to switch to 2life, the app for your relationship. Use the same login info; your data (and upgrade, if you have one) will be there. #2life4ever