10 Reasons Why Marrying Your High School Sweetheart Rocks

You often hear about how high school sweethearts who marry don’t last over the long haul. Well many do. Here are 10 reasons why…

1. If you start dating in high school, you have a solid foundation to start your relationship and will have gone through many of the conflicts and rough patches that arise when couples meet later and get engaged and married.

2. You met at such a young age, you basically know everything there is to know about each other. So no dark secrets or awkward moments because of your shared history. Because you are a major part of each other’s past.

3. Should you break up briefly and reconnect, you still have that immediate familiarity with each other and the endorphin rush is incredible.

4. You don’t have to worry about the dating scene — and how to meet The One. Plus, you have kids younger because you tend to marry younger. (As the years go by for those who don’t marry young and haven’t met their life partner, their biological clock is ticking and the pressure builds to marry the latest person they’re dating.)

5. At your wedding, the stories all have a point of reference and go way way back — and the bride and groom (and many in the wedding party and the attendees) have both heard them all and get nostalgic, and maybe a little weepy (with some laughs thrown in).

6. People who hear you are high school sweethearts say, “Awww, sooooo sweet.” Repeat.

7. You start so young together that you become friends and then best friends as well. Best friends and lovers is a recipe for success.

8. You get to look back at all your old funny, ridiculous, “What Was I Thinking!?” photos together. Yes, hair and fashion choices really do change dramatically. And yes, acne does go away. And mullets. (But not plaid.)

9. You get to have children together and tell them Mommy and Daddy met in high school. And they say, “cool!”

10. It’s true: Your first love can sometimes turn out to be the true love of your life. That one that got away? Well it didn’t.

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