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Spring Bucket List For Couples

Spring has officially sprung! Pack away those extra duvet covers, snow boots and hats and prepare for the warmer weather. That’s right, it’s time to put an end to your winter hibernation (effective immediately) and head outside to see the sun again. From picnicking to theme park expeditions, these are a few things you and your S.O. should be adding to your to-do list.

Here is our spring bucket list for couples.

Go for a scenic stroll
The snow has thawed, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Take advantage of the higher temperatures and stroll around your hometown with your partner. Don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy pics while you’re out and about.

Shop at your local farmers market
…Then put those fresh ingredients to good use and make dinner together. Wine is a necessity, so don’t forget to pick some up on your way home!

Take to the great outdoors for a hike
TBH, Mother Nature is the best third wheel.

Trade in the mini eggs for grown-up alternatives
You may be too old for easter egg hunts but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little chocolate (fondue, body chocolate or otherwise).

Head outdoors for a picnic
If April showers are bringing you down, you can always do it in your living room!

Hit up a theme park
We all know summer is the busiest season for theme parks, so get in there early! You won’t have to wait in three hour lineups, making your visit one hundred times more enjoyable.

Be tourists in your own city
It’s a lot easier when you’re not fighting snow and sleet!

Plant some flowers
Get down and dirty before getting down and dirty 😉

Take a wine tour
Pretend to be seasoned sommeliers and say things like “this chardonnay has a subtle oaky flavour” or “you can really taste that hint of citrus” (even if you have no idea).

Dance in the rain
While you’re out there, have a go at recreating this iconic kiss from The Notebook.

Take advantage of patio season
Who doesn’t like to drink outdoors? *crickets chirping*

Do some spring cleaning
Make a killer playlist and get to scrubbing. Don’t forget to shower off together when you’re done.

Fly a kite
Better still, make your own traditional Bermuda kite.

Go horseback riding in the country

Build something together
Maybe not from Ikea, though, those instructions are bound to start a fight. Watch a few YouTube videos, hit up a Home Depot and channel your inner Ty Penningtons. Hint: start with something simple like a bird feeder before jumping to an elaborate four-poster bed.

See a playoff game
Splurge on tickets for the NHL or NBA playoffs and host a viewing party for the finals.

Book your own spring break
Take a vacation and get some well deserved R&R. No, you don’t have to go to Cancun or drink your cerveza from a funnel to have a good time.

Take a scenic bike ride
If you can make it a tandem bike ride, even better.

Have an eco-friendly Earth Day
On April 22, go green and do a digital detox, plant a tree or stage a black out at home (remember to stock up on candles).

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Don’t forget to stock up on tacos, tequila, and guac before the 4th of May rolls around.

Watch every Star Wars movie you can find
If you’re more into sci-fi than Cinco de Mayo, celebrate every amateur Jedi’s favourite holiday, Star Wars Day, instead. Rent all the movies and kick back in the comfort of your own home. May the fourth be with you.

‘Tis the season to grill outdoors, so fire up your BBQ and get to cookin’.

Paddle around in a lake
Sha la la la la la my oh my

Hit the gym
Get your beach bodies ready for the season ahead. There are plenty of fun couples’ workouts available on the internet, so why not try a few of them? Note: if pumping iron isn’t your style, you can always work it out in the boudoir.

Play lawn games
Now that you can actually see your lawn (bye, snow!).

Hunt for treasures at a flea market
Who knows, you may find something worthy of Antiques Roadshow.

Go mini golfing (or actual golfing)
Put your skills to the test with a good ol’ game of mini golf.

Schedule a day trip to a neighbouring town
If you’re not feeling inspired by your own city, leave. Head to a neighbouring town and spend the day scoping out cute coffee shops and local boutiques. If you fall in love with it, book a night at a B&B near by.

Create your own spring cocktails
Swap out your whisky for gin and add a citrus twist. Bonus points if you go the extra mile and muddle mint or berries.

Run a marathon together
Celebrate crossing that finish line with a smooch (or maybe more).

Race in go-karts
Make your romance fast and furious.

Try a new sport – outdoors
Good news, plenty of outdoor sports require only two players. Grab a couple of rackets and get competitive with a game of badminton or tennis.

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