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Who’s Walking You Down the Aisle?

The answer to this question is a no-brainer if you have a close relationship with your dad (after all, it is traditional for a father to give his daughter away). However, what happens if your father has passed away, or your family situation is a bit more complicated? Fortunately, wedding traditions are changing to reflect our changing families, and it’s more acceptable than ever to stray from the norm. Whether you stick with what’s been done in the past, or try something new, the bottom line is that you have to do what feels right for you! If having your father walk you down the aisle isn’t an option, here are some other alternatives to consider:

1. Both Parents. If your parents are still happily married (or even if they’re amicably divorced!), having them both walk you down the aisle is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the equal roles they played in raising you.

2. Your Mom. She’s always been by your side, so why should this day be any exception? This is an especially poignant choice if you were raised by a single mother. She’ll definitely be honored to help you transition to the next stage of your life in such a meaningful way.

3. Your Father Figure. He could be an uncle, a family friend or even your older brother. If there’s an important man in your life (related or not) that you can always depend on, ask him to accompany you on your journey to the altar.

4. Your Significant Other. You’re starting this journey together, so why not start it a few steps sooner? Plus, if you’re already meeting for first-look photos before the ceremony, you may as well make your entrance arm in arm.

5. Solo. Maybe you’re not close to your parents or maybe the whole idea of being “given away” just doesn’t sit well with you…whatever the reason, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with walking up the aisle alone. Just keep your eyes on the prize (your spouse-to-be! your rock!) to prevent yourself from getting overly emotional.

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