pregnancy by week

Weeks 1-2


Actually, baby is still just a twinkle in your eye. (The due date is calculated as 40 weeks from the beginning of the last menstrual cycle.)


If you’re trying to make a baby, it’s time to adjust your lifestyle, if necessary, to ensure everyone’s good health. If you don’t already eat properly and exercise regularly, now is the time to start. Cut back on alcohol consumption, and if you smoke, quit.


This is when ovulation and fertilization occur, so you’ve got some (ahem!) work to do. Also, get on board with the healthy lifestyle thing, because (spoiler alert!) parenting a newborn is demanding; you want to be in good shape. Besides, your partner needs your support.


Pregnancy and parenting will put your relationship to the test, so be sure to nurture it. Spend some quality time together. We have date night suggestions for expecting parents, but at this stage pretty much anything still goes, as long as it fits with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle (no heavy drinking, for example!).


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