pregnancy by week

Week 40 (and beyond)


Baby will be born, one way or another! It’s not an easy trip from the womb to the world. Junior may emerge looking a little worse for wear. Still the most beautiful thing ever, though.


During labor, you may do things you could never have imagined yourself doing: crying out, pooing or peeing in front of people, screaming obscenities… Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. And quite liberating, in a way!


Don’t be shocked if mom becomes… unrecognizable during labor. Remember to keep telling her how proud of her you are, how much you love her, what a great job she’s doing… unless she tells you to shut up! If she starts screaming at you, remember it’s probably not personal!


Tired of waiting for baby to make the first move? Presumably you know a thing or two about stimulating mom’s nipples; this may help to induce labor. Intercourse might help, too. (To be on the safe side, check with your practitioner before trying to induce labor yourselves!)