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Wedding Day Checklist For Brides

Plan ahead and pack up these 12 essential wedding day checklist items in the days leading up to the main event. You don’t want to be scrambling to find your “Love Me Do” lipstick on the morning of your wedding!

1. “Getting ready” clothes. Wear a comfy button-down blouse so that you don’t risk ruining your hair with a pullover shirt.

2. Wedding day playlist. Make a custom playlist of your favorite feel-good songs to listen to while you and your bridal party are getting primped.

3. Travel deodorant. Seriously, you do not want to forget to apply the ol’ antiperspirant on your wedding day. Crowded venues, a bridal gown that’s as toasty as a sleeping bag and a roller coaster of emotions might have you reapplying throughout the day. Keep a backup stick in your clutch.

4. Lip gloss. The gloss that your makeup artist applies might look perfect at noon, but your ceremony isn’t until 4pm. Buy a tube of the same lipstick/gloss that your makeup artist applies at your trial appointment for perfect touch-ups on the day-of.

5. Bridal accessories. Put your hair piece, earrings and any other wedding day baubles in a jewelry pouch so that they’re all in one place when it comes time to step into your bridal garb. And don’t forget those shoes you spent months searching for!

6. A needle and thread. We’ve heard too many horror stories of a bride’s gown tearing just as she’s about to walk down the aisle. Bring a needle and some thread and ask a bridesmaid to hold onto it. This is when dresses with pockets come in handy!

7. Bustle instructions. Don’t wait until your wedding day to learn how to fasten the bustle on your wedding dress. Bring your mom or a bridesmaid to the dress shop and ask the salesperson to show you how to properly let the bustle down and then back up. You might even want to practice a couple of times before the big event or write down the instructions and bring them with you.

8. An umbrella. The forecast might not call for rain, but it doesn’t hurt to come prepared by packing a travel umbrella. The skies could open up just as you’re about to do your first look!

9. Bridal clutch. Carrying a pretty clutch is the perfect way to keep your lipstick, blush, phone and any other small items that you’ll need throughout the day easily accessible.

10. Vendors’ phone numbers. You’ll be prepared to solve any wedding day “emergencies” if you’ve got contact info for your photographer, planner, baker, caterer, florist, etc.

11. Tips for vendors. Determine how much you want to tip each vendor and come prepared with separate envelopes of cash for each vendor. Don’t forget that you’ll need to tip your hairstylist and makeup artist, along with your other vendors.

12. A love letter for your partner. This is presumably the most important day in each of your lives. Mark the occasion by writing each other love letters to be delivered on your wedding day. You can write the note in the days before the wedding, but don’t forget to bring it with you! Your flower girl or a bridesmaid can deliver the note while everyone is getting ready. Or you can exchange your letters during your first look or another private moment throughout the day.

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